Gather round to hear as David Anthony, The Creepy Bard regales you with songs of drinking, roving, fighting, and things to keep secret from your mother. You will laugh, cry, blush and wonder where you left the whiskey.


  1. Roxanne Osborne Heller · April 18, 2015

    Hello! !!!


  2. Jessi · May 5, 2015



  3. Debra McKinney · July 12, 2015

    I was at the renesaunce fair in conneticut this past Father’s Day and I had to look you up on the internet I doubt you would remember but I was the one who put 20$ in the box but I didn’t take a cd you were amazing and to be honest if I had a CD player I would have payed 30$ and taken one cd you are absolutely fantastic


  4. Linda Freeman · May 9, 2016

    How we get in touch with you. Saw you at the Westend fair ground this past Mother’s day. I live in Bayonne NJ. And I am part of the Bayonne theater Group and we are having a Renaissance fair the end of July and would like to get some info from you


    • thecreepybard · May 13, 2016

      Just look up The Creepy Bard on facebook anf shoot me a message.


  5. Adrian · October 30, 2016

    Can i ask for the chords and sheet music for voilin and guitar for riu riu chiu? Thanks pls


  6. Shayne · January 24, 2017

    Hi! I was at CT Renfaire the weekend before Halloween and loved your performance! And the a cappella verse you sang to me was completely hilarious and embarrassing (and 90% accurate :-P) I can’t wait to see you perform again!


  7. Bard College · April 28, 2017

    Hey nice post. I hope it’s ok that I shared this on my Facebook,
    if not, no problem just tell me and I’ll delete it.

    Either way keep up the great work.


  8. borderiever · May 1, 2017

    Only discovered you today, when i searched out a good rendition of Hal & Tow for May Day! You are wonderful, but I guess you know that. Hoping you make it over to the UK festivals sometime!


  9. borvestinkral · August 24, 2017

    very good submit, i definitely love this web site, carry on it


  10. bill littler · September 5, 2017

    hi ny name is bill littler I have a channel it”s called bill littler the pirate channel go on my patron and Facebook I m a biggest fan


  11. bill littler · November 30, 2019

    hi sir. it’s me bill littler, try can of grog shanty.


  12. 4th generation · June 7, 2020



  13. Direct · June 25, 2020



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