Although The Creepy Bard is fully capable of causing trouble by himself, he also plays well with others. Listed here, in no particular order, are some of his partners in crime.

tactless1     Captain Tactless     tactless

Captain Tactless (pictured above with Coitus, The Bearded Clam) has been by far the best bad influence on The Creepy Bard. Together they educate the masses in the form of a show entitled “Dirty Lessons with Creepy and Tactless.”

three pints1   Three Pints Shy   three pints

Three Pints Shy isn’t so much a band so much as it is a group of guys who get together to drink and sing. For some reason, people gather to watch the fallout. Specializing in raucous pub songs, it can be guaranteed that the front two rows will get drunk from the projectile spittle.

rascals1 Rascals and Rogues rascals2

Specializing in a genre of music they have dubbed “Ren Rock”, Rascals and Rogues are an unlikely group of good companions who gather at the New York Renaissance Faire to sing, dance, and cause general mayhem.

trouveres  The Trouveres   trouveres1

Steeped in the tradition of the high class musicians of Renaissance France, The Trouveres are a high-energy performance troupe who hold themselves to the highest possible standards. Unlike the other bands, The Creepy Bard is always on his best behavior when performing with them.

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