Roommates. Yes, that is my affectionate term for the voices in my head. Occasionally these voices will manifest themselves in the physical world, making appearances on the YouTube channel and occasionally being let out in public. This page contains a list of said voices, which is by no means comprehensive, as some of the voices were never meant for the public eye. Trust me.

silas     Uncle Silas

A man full of equal parts horse sense, piss, and vinegar. Uncle Silas is not afraid to speak his mind, and may very well run for public office one day. God help us all.

hqdefault      Seaman William Morningwood

The Ship’s Plucker and Blower for the good ship El Viento Nocivo, Seaman Morningwood can be found fingering his concertina and the lassies and otherwise causing general trouble both on the high seas and the shore.

 dovid1     Dovid Mordachai

Possibly the only roommate that will not bring shame to his mother, Dovid Mordachai is a good Jewish boy who sings songs in Hebrew, Yiddish, and Ladino.

rabbi     Rabbi Shmuel Pallache

Hailing from the 16th century (That’s right, he’s a historical figure, look him up), Shmuel Pallache serves as Rabbi for the Jews of Amsterdam and ambassador for Sultan Zidan Abu Maali of Fes. Travelling as he does from Amsterdam to Fes and back, he has had many a run in with Spanish ships, earning him a reputation as either a deadly pirate or a naval hero, depending on who you ask.

christopher     Christopher Hatton

Ever the ladies man, Christopher has yet to seduce Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, not because she is his employer, but because he would have to give up the rest of the young maidens.

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